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Top Fence Trends

April 21 2021

Your fence is an integral part of your landscaping. Obviously, it serves a utilitarian purpose, but it can also complement the design of your property and your home. Luckily, landscaping trends don't change as fast as runway fashion. It can still be helpful to know about the latest trends before you make your decision. Either way, the goal is to choose the fence that will best enhance the look of your property and the style of your home!

1. Dare to Create Focal Points

Although it is quite rare for a fence to be the focal point of a property, it does need to match your landscaping and your home’s style. If you have the space for it, it can even be worth designing areas that create a visual impact and taking a playful approach to design. For instance, you can choose to combine two composite colours or mix panelled fencing with vegetation. 

bois-franc alpha15

2. Contemporary Models, Clean Lines

This trend has been around for a few years. Contemporary models are an excellent match for the clean lines we see in new buildings. These modern models can be recognized by their straight, fluid and simple lines, without frills, pointed ornamentation or rosettes. 

Our most popular models in this style are without a doubt our ornamental fences and glass fences. They are most commonly chosen in black or grey, to match the siding on newer homes. We also tend to see this trend around older homes, as it freshens up the look, creating a more modern exterior. 


3. Spotlight on Black and Grey

Matching this trend in contemporary homes and landscaping, black and grey fences are our most popular models. But these neutral and timeless colours are also suitable for all types of spaces, depending on the model that you choose.

clobec prop-clotures

Get inspired by our most beautiful projects and find the trends that suit your style.

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