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7 avril 2019

Patios trends for 2019

The line between indoors and outdoors is blurring and patios are an ever-bigger focus. Check out our products featured in the home segment of Salut Bonjour Weekend. 
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19 octobre 2016

Day of filming

On August 30, 2016, we were all smiles and sunshine!

The atmosphere was festive on set the day we filmed the new TV spot.

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15 mars 2016

Inter Clôtures introduces its new Contemporary line!

The new “Contemporary” fence blends durability with modern design—and the unbeatable quality we’re known for.

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19 février 2016

A new e-learning platform

Thanks to a partnership initiated by Sylvain Morin of Inter Clôtures Patio d'Aujourd'hui and Parcours Formation (with financial assistance from Emploi Québec), we’ve developed an online training program to help train a new generation of expert installers and standardize practices to serve you better.

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16 avril 2014

APPQ Convention – Quebec’s top fencing experts present their top honors!

At the last APPQ convention, Inter Clôture’s communications manager André Meunier awarded three landscaping companies with top honors for their outstanding projects.

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28 février 2014

30-second commercial

Inter Clôtures is active across the Quebec market! Watch our new commercial.
We also sponsor TV shows such as Visite libre, Jardins, and Casanova.
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19 septembre 2013

Lights… Camera… Action!

There was a lot of action on the set on September 19 when we shot the next Inter Clôtures commercial.

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10 avril 2013

A radio campaign to ring in spring

This spring, Inter Clôtures aired three 30-second radio spots showcasing how our products can help make for great summers.

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17 janvier 2013

Inter Clôtures now a member of APPQ

Inter Clôtures is proud to be a major new supporter of APPQ, Quebec’s leading association of professional landscapers.

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